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I am giving away a goodie bag provided by SEGA Europe containing a Steam key for Sonic Lost World, a Sonic hat, a Sega lanyard and Sonic 1 for the Master System and Mega Drive! All you have to do is share this video on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr!

On Twitter, please copy paste this into your tweet: #soniclostworld is out now on Steam! Check out this video! @LuckyHitSeries sega_Europe

On Facebook, share this post from or page:, making sure it’s set to public, and on Tumblr reblog

The contest closes on Thursday 12th of November, with the results revealed on Saturday the 14th. Sorry but residents of Europe only please.

Ubisoft are holding a Rayman 20th anniversary fan video contest so :iconmabletherabbid: and I worked on a video for it called 'Thinking About Rayman' in which Stacey goes into her history as a fan of the series including her collection, art and cosplay. I did the editing and filming on this and am really pleased with how it turned out, especially the cosplay part. I had to learn a few new tricks to pull of some of the effects. It was certainly good greenscreen practice, the set up we have of which we haven't used much yet!

Random little facts about he making of the video:
- Every second of Stacey's dog Jessie on screen were the only seconds in a row we could get her to sit still, one frame later she is jumping up and down for her treat again!
- The shot of Stacey jumping from one costume to the next took the longest to get shot, as Stacey had to change costume and make up for each one!
- The intro shot includes a unfinished animation Stacey was once making that is a parody of the Smooooch! Beatmania animation.
- You may of noticed it but when Stacey is playing Rayman 1 we are using a password to play those specific levels, hence why Rayman has 90-odd lives!
- The backgrounds for the greenscreen scenes were captured from Rayman Revolution using a Playstation 2 emulator.

Oh by the way I have added subtitles to the video if you click the subtitles/CC option too.

The grand prize is a trip to the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio to meet Michel Ancel, so wish us luck! Entries close on the 30th and we should know the results early November.

The contest page is here, check out some of the other videos too!
If you have a Ubisoft UPlay account, please consider giving us a vote! It's only an optional thing as a panel of judges will be picking winners, so no worries if you don't have UPlay.
Last Saturday night to Sunday morning was one of the greatest gaming experiences in my life so far. All of us at Lucky Hit did a 12-hour marathon livestream at our local arcade Astro City with the hopes of raising awareness of the charity SpecialEffect. They level the playing field by creating custom gaming controllers for individual cases of people with disabilities so they can enjoy video games again or for the first time. Check out their website

To say the night was a success is an understatement, I am just blown away but the amazing support we got for the event from sponsors GAME, Insert Coin Clothing and Streetpass Southend, as well as everyone that watched live and stayed till the early hours of the morning, and donated money to our justgiving page as well as prizes for our raffle. We had a modest aim to raise £100 during the event, and we blasted past that before the event even begun, and in the end we raised over triple what we had anticipated (a total of £360), which is nothing short of incredible for the first time we've ever done something like this.

The night was also incredibly fun, with highlights including the 8-player Bomberman tournament, breaking the laws of time and space in Guardian Heroes with coughing old men, FlattheYoungers incredible Alex Kidd speedrun which included a surprise glitched ending which as far as I know might be a new discovery, and he intense matches of Smash Bros and the hilarious Micro Machines '360 no sponge' stage.

In case anyone missed it, the entire event is now up on YouTube separated by game:

- Multi-player block -
Mario Kart 8 - 4 Players
Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96 - 4 players
Super Smash Bros for Wii U - 8 players
Saturn Bomberman - 8 players
Rayman Legends Kung Foot - 4 players
Guardian Heroes - 6 players
Sonic 2 versus - 4 player tournament

- Speed run/Nippy run block -
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Mega Man 9
Sonic 2
The Revenge of Shinobi

- Wrapping up/for fun block -
Shenmue II Collection
Golden Axe
Raffle Prize Draw

We hope to do another one of these events sometime early next year, so I'll keep you posted closer to the time! Please check out Lucky Hit's YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter, as we have far more on the way this year including full coverage of the Eurogamer EGX event in Birmingham. Any sharing of our channel is really appreciated.
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 11 Years, since July 2004.

  2. What does your username mean? Offshooted from my webcomic Manga-Gaga many moons ago, which in turn was inspired by the game Sega-Gaga. The two 'Ga's at one point represented Sega and Manga, the name just ended up sticking permanently as my online alias.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Umm...I dunno. There, that's three.

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right.

  5. What was your first deviation? I think this, my first ID on here anyway. 

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Animation is so satisfying  and rewarding when it's done, especially when it's a more personal, creatively free piece. 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? I've always wanted to have a go at puppetry. I would love to dabble more in stop motion animation too.

  8. What was your first favourite? Not entirely sure.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Cool bits of animation, fan art of characters from cartoons and games I like, and neat original character designs.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Couldn't possibly pick just one, just have a hunt through my favourites, they'e all awesome.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I have met a lot of my DA friends in person over the years, though there is a few that I have known for over a decade that I still haven't met in person such as ACE-Spark vertMB BenPerkins EggHeadCheesyBird instantsonic Jayextee RedmondJFox Splapp-me-do ZaxZero that I would love to meet one day.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? MableTheRabbid discovered my art here back in 2005 (can still see her comment on the Amiga art) and over the years we became online friends, and we would occasionally bump into each other in real life too. It was only in 2009 that we met for longer than a couple minutes at MCM Expo and by January 2010 we started going out, and we have been together ever since! Without DeviantArt we may of never known each other!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Currently use a Intuos 5 tablet, Photoshop, FireAlpaca and Flash.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? I dunno, heh.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Maybe when this animation got tons of great feedback  The Fujis - Final Animation by GagaMan it was one of my earliest short films and was so glad other people found it funny too.

We’ve been wanting to do this all year and now we can confirm that Lucky Hit will be teaming up with Astro City for an all night livestream event to raise money for the wonderful folks at SpecialEffect, levelling the playing field for disabled videogamers. Many more details to come in the next few days but for now we can confirm that this event will take place on the 22nd of August. Please share the news and we hope you’ll join us for a full on night of speedruns, challenges, multi player madness, prize raffles and more!

The Just Giving page is here and we have already had some early donations, wow!

We will be updating with more details over on our Facebook page and Twitter.

Gaga + Cherry Faff About In... Animated Intro by GagaMan

Me and :iconmabletherabbid: have started a weekly series where we play through weird and hilarious video games. There will be an episode on Lucky Hit every Monday!

Season 4 is here! This time around there will be an episode every Monday, starting with a series dedicated to a complete run of Pac-Man 2: the New Adventures!

Please subscribe to Lucky Hit for more, and share these videos about! Any support is really appreciated! :)


004 - Ride to Hell: Retribution
005 - Yolanda
006 -Dog's Life Part 2
007 - Party Girls
008 - Ride to Hell: Retribution Part 2
009 - Neighbours
010 - Yolanda Part 2


011- Seaman Part 1
012- Town with No Name Part 1
013- Seaman Part 2
014 - Town With No Name Part 2

015- Seaman Part 3

016 - Town With No Name Part 3
017 - Seaman Part 4
018 - Town With No Name Part 4
019 - Seaman Part 5
020 - Thomas the Tank Engine Games Part 1
021 - Seaman Part 6
022 - Thomas the Tank Engine Games Part 2


023 - Seaman Part 7
024 - James Pond Underwater Agent Part 1
025 - Seaman Part 8
026 - James Pond Underwater Agent Part 2
027 - Seaman Part 9
028 - White Van Racer
029 - Seaman Part 10
030 - Harold Hardtooth
031 - Seaman Part 11
032 - Fighting Angels
033 - Seaman Part 12
034 - Seaman Part 13
035 - Seaman Part 14
036 - Seaman Part 15
037 - Seaman Part 16
038 - Seaman Part 17
039 - Seaman Part 18
040 - Muscle March
041 - Seaman Part 19
042 - Pippa Funnell Take the Reins
043 - Seaman Part 20 THE END


044- Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Part 1
045 - Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Part 2
046 - Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Part 3
047 - Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Part 4
048 - Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Part 5
049 - Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Part 6 THE END
050 - Guldkorn Expressen
051 - London Cab Challenge
052 - Badger Trails
053 - Thomas the Tank Engine Games Part 3 (Sega Genesis)
054 - Thomas the Tank Engine Games Part 4 (Playstation EyeToy)

If anyone wants to recommend some games we could feature let us know! We already have a massive backlog of ideas but still, any others are welcome! Systems we can cap so far are: PC, Wii/Wii U, Gamecube, Playstation 1/2/3, Sega Saturn, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Mega CD, Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Game Boy/Colour/Advance (via Game Boy Player), Amiga 500 and Amiga CD32.

I did a poll for a Top 100 user-voted Dreamcast list back in 2009 which led to this article and are currently doing an updated recount (including all recent indie games) which will led to a top 200, which means we will have a chart that should cover every good game on the system.

The poll is here and the article with more details here. The more people join in the more comprehensive this list will be so please share this around with any Dreamcast fans you know.

UPDATE: The deadline for this contest has been extended to the 23rd of August. We will feature ALL entries in episode 4, which will release soon after the deadline. Please get your entries in as soon as you can! :)

I don't know how many of you guys follow the video game YouTube channel that me and a bunch of mates run called Lucky Hit, but if you do thanks for supporting us and if you haven't check it out yet, please do!

The latest episode just went up, which you can check out here:…

In this episode we announced a art contest, with a chance to win 20 in Insert Coin Clothing vouchers. Insert Coin makes t-shirts, hoodies and storage bags of Sonic, Street Fighter, Assassin's Creed and much more. My particular favorites in stock are the Mega drive and Dreamcast bags!

All you have to do to enter is draw any of the Lucky Hit Team (that's me, Leks, Murry Curry, Rob the Frog, Flattheyounger and Jof) as if we were DLC characters for the game Bit Trip presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (see our review of it in the above episode). Any technique is allowed, so go nuts! 

Entries must be sent to this email address luckyhitseries @ gmail .com by the 15th of August. Winners will be announced soon after in a video on the channel. Good luck!
Me and :iconmabletherabbid: are gonna be livestreaming some games tonight at 7pm UK time over at my channel >> <<

The only clues you are getting are woof and meow.

Last time on my channel: me and Stacey played a bunch of mostly dumb PS2 games like Crazy Frog Race, the Weakest Link, some Horse pet game, Crash Twinsanity and Under the Skin. If you have nothing better to do you can watch it here:…
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So me and the Lucky Hit gang have started a podcast, which we will be recording every Wednesday and getting online a couple days after that. For the moment we are uploading them to YouTube though we plan to hopefully get them all on iTunes in the near future too.

Check them out here:

We talk about video games, such as the weeks news, topics, what we have been playing and other general rambling and silly nonsense. We also feature hand picked game music throughout. 

Please check it out if you have time (you can stick it on and drop the tab down while doing something else as it's just audio) and let us know what you think. :)

I will update this journal each week when new podcasts are uploaded. 
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Watch here >>> <<<

Grabbed a PS2 slim and a buncha games at car boot sales this morning so me and Stacey are gonna play them any moment now on livestream!
Me and Stacey are taking a break from doing a comic village table this time around, however we will be at the Expo the entire three days starting tomorrow!
On Saturday Stacey will be dressed as Helena Handbasket from Rayman Origins… and on Sunday she will be in a all new costume of Barbara from Rayman Legends…

Who else here is gonna be there? On Saturday and Sunday we are going to be with some mates doing coverage for LuckyHit so when the expo is over check out that channel for our videos about the expo :)
I made a brand new Lucky Hit video review of a NES/Famicom game I only just played yesterday!
Go check it out here >>…
Don't forget to subscribe if you wanna see more of this stuff pop up on your YouTube!
Got 22 minutes to spare? The full episode of my favorite games of 2012 is finally up after about three months of work. There's 4 full reviews in here as well as some honorable mentions, a few gags and a tiny bit of animation.

As a bonus for watching the video (please do!): if anyone can guess the game that the Koala and Lamb fight is from I'll draw you something! :P

Check it out here:…

Update: there is now also a Lucky Hit tumblr page!
Me and Stacey are there from today and all weekend so make sure to pop by if you are going!
We have a bunch of new stuff for sale this time, including new prints, canvases, stickers and a Adventure Time flipbook! Check out photos of all this stuff at this blog post:…

We are on Table K-13 in the comic village, at the back of the expo behind Nintendo and BBC.

The official show guide is here:… we are mentioned on Page 99 and there is also a map in there.

Hope to see you there!
Part 1 >>>… <<<
Part 2 >>>… <<<

Please go watch, subscribe, like and share!
Spent the good chunk of a week working on editing this episode together. It's also the first episode of Lucky Hit I feature in, as I do the tour of the expo and also play a couple games on screen. I also did some teeny bits of animation in it. EDIT: Part 2 is now up, which is mainly impressions from the group of us on games we played while eating at Wagamamas.

Just for fun, a bunch of Sega Saturn games. Please pop over for a visit!
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So me, Stacey and my parents went on a bit of a road trip over the bank holiday which started with us getting up at 5 on the Sunday morning for the long drive all the way up to Scotland. About 5 hours of the way in we stopped by at the Metro shopping Centre in Newcastle to stretch our legs and have a nice big breakfast in the Wetherspoon there.
There was quite a few neat shops to check out there and spent a good few hours browsing the place though we didn't buy anything much (I got a Knuckles large figure in the Toy R Us there that was reduced). The place also had a Namco Funscape arcade, which I guess have been cropping up ever since Sega gave up on their Arcade venues. It had the cutest Pac-Man themed kids play area with giant ghosts, and slides designed to look like the mazes with the dots along them! Also we played some odd touch screen rhythm game which was either very new or not used much as I got a top score on a song!

After we were done there we hopped back in the car for another 3 hours to our destination. We had a hotel booked in a town called Sanqhar in Dumfries, which was merely a big long winding and slightly scary (for mum) road up and down aside massive hills covered in heather and sheep away! I wish I got more photos or filmed the way there, it was beautiful and exciting!

The town of Sanqhar is tiny! It has an ancient post office, some convenience stores, a charity shop and some houses. Oh, and our hotel of course, which was attached to a pub. It was small like everything else but the rooms were decent enough, though my parents lucked out and got a more recently refurbished one but eh. That after noon we watched some Gallic language cartoons for a laugh (even Shaun the Sheep ahaha) then had our complimentary dinner there which was really nice!

The next day we were intending to go to a safari park but as with every British holiday ever it pissed down with rain all day so instead we decided to head to Edinburgh to see what the shopping there was like. In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel and tried haggis for the first time without really knowing what it was at first, and ended up quite liking it! Edinburgh was about an hours drive away. The city, from what little we got time to see, is brilliant with lots of old buildings including a tall dark castle thing that looked like Castle Duckula!

The shopping was also really good, with a long long road full of charity and indie shops and we for once all ended up buying a few things. Forbidden Planet and Fopp were where we spent the most time wasting money. Only thing about the city was the parking was a pain in the arse, most parking lots were too expensive and it took us some time to find somewhere cheap and close enough.

That evening we had dinner at a Wetherspoons there (hey you can't go wrong with their food) where Stacey and I had Blue Lagoons and my Fish and chips ended up being about twice the size as Wetherspoons portions normally are!

By the time we were driving back to the hotel it was getting dark and those long hilly roads we experienced the day before were even more scary/exciting! We saw all sorts of creatures run across the road: rabbits, hedgehogs, more sheep and even a stoat! Seeing next to nothing beyond our headlights in combination with the crazy mix of music that was on the radio that varied from Daft Punk Around the World one moment to a lot of interesting bands I've never heard of before the next made one hell of an unforgettable night.

Next day we had to be making our way back home. It really was a short trip and felt like merely a taster of Scotland, so we defiantly want to visit up that way again at least twice to fully check out Edinburgh amongst over things. Like last time to split the long drive we stopped at another city half way, this time Sheffield. Thanks to Google maps we spent some time hunting down a shop that ended up not existing anymore, but we also found a really good indie game shop with reasonable retro games in it and another Forbidden Planet. Finally we dropped off Stacey back to her house and stopped for a quick tea then drove the last hour back home.

It was brilliant, but way too short. Ended up being mostly shopping but the sights on the road made up for it. Would go again etc etc.
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Hey you lot check out this new youtube series called Lucky Hit that has launched with it's first episode:

>> <<

It's produced by some mates of mine and you may spot a little bit of animation in the intro that I did. I also came up with the name (was previously known as Angry Gamers) and designed the logo. I will be contributing much more to later episodes with more animation and hopefully even some reviews/sketches from myself!

Please go like/comment/subscribe if you had a good laugh!
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Please check this out >>>…
If you are a Tumblr user one reblog of that post above will get you in with a chance to win a bunch of goodies including:

- A Lucy Lolly and other daft shorts DVD
- 2 large badges
- 12 small badges
- An inked drawing commission

The rules are simple: reblog just once, and likes don't count. The winner will be revealed on Saturday August 11th.

Please spread this around so we can get this up to at least 100 reblogs! Even if you are not a user of Tumblr, let friends you know of who do use it know. :)
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